Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photo Shoot: Autumn

I view the blogs I create for these courses as both records of how I am progressing through the exercises and assignments, but also as a record of my overall photographic practice and visual thinking.  This entry is a simple record of a set of photos I shot today, that I enjoyed taking and looking at; as I progress through this course I will take such an occasional detour to do something I enjoy.

Before taking this course I gave serious thought to progressing directly onto a level 2 course, Landscape.  Since then I have been exploring landscape and considering my own response to taking these types of images.  Now that Autumn is in its full blaze here in Munich it is difficult not to try and capture it with the camera.  I cannot say that I am huge fan of the "pretty" sort of Autumn Landscape, but it is sometimes fun to create such images.  My friends and colleagues love them, but ...

So no commentary, just some images I captured as we walked from location to location during the portrait shoot for Exercise 1.

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