Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assignment 3: Tutor Feedback

Feedback was overall very good for this assignment, none of my tutors comments really make me wish to change any of the images.  There are comments about framing and some clean up via cloning, however, I am reluctant to go down the cloning route unless it is absolutely necessary to salvage an image.  My personal view at present is still to try and get it right in the camera and then accept a certain degree of imperfection as part of the quality of the photograph.  Cropping I have no issue with, some viewpoints cannot be easily achieved with a given focal length and access constraint.

The weakest image was the study of a tree, I agree, that this was very static, however, from a development of processing skills standpoint this was one of the most complex and involved pieces of work. 

The strongest images were the ones with people and interaction, Parambulating and "Throw the Damn Ball" had good feedback.  Although I am still very much in the mind of developing towards an urban landscape theme in my work, urban must include and involve people.  This provides scale and most importnatly context to many otherwise rather sterile architectural compositions.

The one comment I am less sure about was the advice to crop the trees from the top of the image, "Our Fallen".  I did consider and reject this, but only after seeking advice via the Flickr forum.  Interestingly it was a tutor who advised me to retain the trees, as they added life from death and the streaks on the front of the slab echoed the structure of the trees.  This raises an interesting question in my mind, both tutors were correct in what they said, but each with different views, pointing to the intrinsic subjectivity of judging the merits of any form of art, even that of a beginning photographer.

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