Sunday, May 1, 2011

Assignment 4: Tutor response

Overall feedback was positive, although with some good suggestions for improvements.  Interestingly to me, my tutor felt that the first "star Wars" image conforms to the "Real or Fake" requirements as the models were convincing enough to appear real.  The main recommended change was to add an author, in this case my name:

So, in hindsight I did not need to produce a second composition, however, I am glad I did and I view the 1984 concept as by far the more convincing image.  The recommended changes for this image were:

  • To re-frame the image for a more symmetrical comp.  This I have done, however, it forced a change in the image aspect ratio as the original image had too little negative space around the central content.  Generally I want to get images correct in camera, however, this type of exercise really needs some space around the subject to enable some freedom in framing.  As I was using a prime lens on my camera, and had a very limited freedom of movement I could not adjust this at time of shooting
  • To make the central Stalin opaque.  This improved the strength of the image and did reduce confusion in the center of the picture.
  • I have added the authors name
  • It was suggested that the two "Men in Black" on the stairs were barely visible.  I have not moved them, however, I had two shots with these men in view and so have cloned two sets of these men into the frame.  This adds some extra menace in a group of similarly dressed men ascending towards Big Brother
  • When I processed the image this time, I have changed the shade of blue in the split toning to something a little darker

All in all a good learning experience and an eye opener in terms of how easy it is to severely manipulate an image in this way

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