Monday, May 30, 2011

Assignment 5: Initial Thoughts

Although I have now returned from the trip to Borneo, I used my notebook to record ideas as I travelled to the destination, here I transcribe those to illustrate my thought process as I worked up ideas for the content:

My first thoughts were to create a series of individual shots that illustrate the learning that I have taken from DPP and how I have applied it to underwater photography. To this end I prepared the following shot list to try and accomplish during my stay on Lankayan Island (in no particular order):

  1. Nudibranch (sea slug) - Shallow Dof
  2. Shark in shallow water, perhaps as a B&W image
  3. Hard Coral on the reef, but imaged against an open water blue background
  4. Repitition of form in scholling fish
  5. Light filtering through wood under a pier
  6. UW landscape of sand - kind of dessert image, but underwater
  7. A sea fan (gorgonain) shot with a blue water background - very striking and not easy to achieve
  8. Something very cute- clown fish...
  9. A fish face, very close up image of a fish possessing strong character
  10. A B&W study of coral shapes and form
  11. A diver to add some context to the image set
  12. A boat from below
  13. Use a red filter to balance the light attenuation and create a very colourful edge of reef shot
  14. Try working with 2nd curtain flash and drag the shutter when photographing moving fish - create a sense of movement
  15. Focus in on a detail of a fish , such as the eye or teeth
  16. Work up some images with a very black background in otherwise open water daylight conditions
Given that I need 10-12 images this first set of ideas would supply sufficient variety.  The issue that I have with this concept is that there would not be a great degree of cohesion between the images, other than commonality of location and the fact that all shots are made underwater.  However, it would be a good demonstration of skill and capability if it works.

An alternative view would be to theme the image set around one of the following:

  1. Nudibranch's - these colourful sea slugs make for fascinating subjects
  2. Portraits - a series of close up images of the faces of underwater animals
  3. Sharks/Rays - a study of the larger animals in the surrounding reef system
  4. Landscape - a series of underwater landscape shots showing the diversity and structure of the reef ecosystem
  5. A calendar for the island - treat the assignment as if I had been asked to create a calendar for the island
  6. A study of underwater light and texture
To a large extent my ultimate selection will depend upon the availability of subject and success in shooting.  A major equipment failure could result in no images at all and a return to an above water concept for assignment 5.

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