Tuesday, February 8, 2011

5th February - Demo Day

Since I recovered from my massive fug over Christmas when I avoided my camera I am back on form and really enjoying myself again.  One form of photography I enjoy is working in and around parades or demos.  Last year I used the Christopher Street parade for one of my assignments in People and Place.


This year I will return and shoot again, planning a little better than I did last time.  This weekend was a different type of event, the NATO security conference was in town in Munich.  The event draws many world leaders, David Cameron was there, as well as Hillary Clinton.  This inevitably draws protest and this year was no different.  I did not have much time to photograph, so grabbed a few quick shots in which I tried to capture the colour of the event.

Before arriving at the main demo in the cities central square I passed a smaller group showing solidarity to the Egyptian crisis:

I was especially taken by the little boy with his Mubarek must Leave message.

Other than this I concentrated primarily on the colour and form of the flags and banners carried by the different protesting groups in the city center:

No comment other than to record photographically a colourful and peaceful day - the guys above were not needed.

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