Sunday, February 6, 2011

Assignment 2: Detail and Abstraction

In my last blog entry I started to realize that my choice of subject is limiting, in this entry I present a series of photographs looking at two other possible themes, themes that could be combined if needed.  I find the structure modern buildings fascinating, again I suspect myself of distinct Modernist leanings in my artistic and architectural tastes.  Taken as a whole these buildings are striking, however, using a telephoto to close in on detail can reveal fascinating abstract geometries, some easily understood by the eye, others totally perplexing.   A study of such forms would yield a set of photographs complimentary to assignment 1 and also possessing the properties requested for this assignment.

First of all I have returned to the location of a previous photograph in an attempt to improve on the framing:

The left hand shot is the original.  What I wanted to do was to place the tree trunk more in line with the column in the building, suggest that the concrete has somehow replaced the tree, however, I have had to change the angle quite a bit and the image no longer contains as much of the building behind.  The first shot is not perfect, but works better for me, it is also a good low contrast shot, whilst the second is clearly very much higher contrast.

Returning to the theme of geometrically strong close ups of modern buildings, the following 4 photographs are close ups of the Hypovereinsbank HQ, the Hypohaus (first image is a shot of the whole building used for Assignment 1):

Closing in:

The 4th image was taken from the other side of the building, hence the lighter blue sky caused by shooting closer to the Sun.  Another geometric form is the following image of apartment balconies on the high rise Arabella building.

The next photograph is the support for a large glass roof covering the atrium of a large bank building.  The turquoise is created by some building netting, being used during repairs on the ceiling, creating a marvelous effect

Turning to a more abstract look, the next 3 images are complex and somewhat confusing to the eye, first a detail from the previous shot:

This seems to me to be a richer seam to mine, it also appeals to my personal aesthetic and so I am more likely to succeed with this approach.  My guess is that the final set of images will be a mix of the three concepts I am currently working, the linking theme being architectural details.

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