Sunday, February 6, 2011

Assignment 2: Two Directions

Progressing with the shooting for Assignment 2, I find myself struggling to develop the Tree concept, the issue seems to be finding a broad enough variety of scenes to make up the 6 images.  Given the need for 4 different and distinct lighting conditions, I am not sure I will be able to develop imagery that meets my or my tutors standards.  Friday afternoon, saw me exploring into Munich and working some ideas in and around the Hofgarten, a favorite location.  This combines, modern with old buildings and is the home to a large number of mature trees.  One image I was looking for is the following, a strong shadow or reflection in a window, a fairly low dynamic range:

I also need some photographs that mix light, in this case colored strip lighting and daylight.  I quite like these two images, there is a good structure in the frame, plenty of colour and a degree of ambiguity:

However, I am still unsure whether I can carry the whole project on the basis of this photographic concept.  Intellectually I like it, just not sure on the creative side.

As a result I am also looking at some more conventional architectural compositions, contrasting close up and detail with the big picture approach that I took in Assignment 1.  I intend to use DPP to develop my thoughts around the urban landscape as a topic going forward into the Level 2 landscape course:  The first photograph is a detail showing the connection of the modern and old wings of the central justice courts in Munich.  The sun was low and very strong, so I was able to achieve good contrast with this shot.  This building also interests me from a historical aspect: the wholes in the column are not the usual erosion they are shrapnel scars from wartime bombing.

Moving on the sun sank lower and I grabbed the next detail from one of the cities museums - I have not adjusted the colour in any way - the sky really was this deep blue.  Not a great photograph, but part of my thinking at present.  I doubt that I will use either of these images or styles, as I want to stick with modern architecture for this assignment.  These older buildings may make a very good study for assignment 3, as they possess much texture and structure that will work well in black and white

The final photograph is much more in line  with my current interest, it is a detail from the roof of a modern bank building.  I am drawn to such, almost abstract forms, images that keep the viewer guessing.

I am progressing, but am yet to have enough photographs to produce a candidate set and also need to vary my time of day for the image set.

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